Friday, September 12, 2014


I wasn't feeling up for doing my nails yesterday (although this post is backdated) and I'm glad that I didn't because I love the idea that I came up with today right before I did my nails.

The theme is stripes. I decided that I should finally use that fan brush that I've had since March when I got a pack of brushes from Born Pretty Store. I was super excited for that one to come and I just had never got around to actually doing anything with it!

My idea came from a green striped shirt that I have that kind of looks like the same sort of design that you get for a fan brush, but I didn't want to paint my nails green since I just did green polka dots. I decided to go with blues and purples instead.

I went with Bonna Blue from Fresh Paint for the base colour. The other colours were striped on in that order with the except of the first one also going on again as the last colour. They are Summer Rose by boe, Frostbite by China Glaze, Moonflower by Couleur inc, No Room for the Blues by OPI, and Plugged-in Plum by OPI.

I didn't bother cleaning up because I knew the mess about to come!

I started fanning on a few colours and took pictures of my progress. When I first put the brush down, it would give clumps of colour right where the brush set. I combated this by sweeping over the nail a few times and from both directions. This helped clear the puddles of polish and get colour across the entire nail.

After I finished fanning on all of the colours, I cleaned up my nails. I was surprised by how some of my pictures showed more purple and some more blue, so I included two pictures of the final product. I only did one hand today as I needed to catch up with the challenge.

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